Monthly Archives: March 2013

Tiffany Stacks and Nikki Vonn

Tiffany Stacks is a chocolate colored ebony babe that has a taste for chocolate muff, and since she can’t eat herself out she needs some help. Nikki Vonn is a light skinned ebony beauty that also has a taste for ebony snatch, and she starts in films pornos on Tiffany the second they get together. Now this is the type… (more…)

Brown Sugar and Cassidy Clay

If you think regular carpet munchers are pounding wild, you have to see these two gorgeous black lesbians in action. They are all over each other, especially when they’re in the mood to start pulling out the toys. They love to slot dive, and you don’t say no to Cassidy Clay and Brown Sugar when they decide they require to… (more…)

Taylor Starr and Coco Rae

Taylor Starr and Coco Rae are hot chocolate lesbians who are in the mood for a fuck fest extraordinaire. These two are all hot and bothered over each other, and they love watching each other’s smooth and sexy chocolate skin. Once these ladies get all worked up and ready to go, you’ll ebony lesbian porn find that they just can’t… (more…)

Royalty and Nikki Vonn

It didn’t take long for these sexy black whores to get it on. After all, if you’ve got a craving that can only be quenched by a sexy dark lesbian’s hot fuckhole, when you get what you want, you go right after it! They both have juicy anuss that they love having spanked, as well as firm black lesbian sex… (more…)

Tiffany Stacks, Cocoa Damone

Tiffany Stacks is quickly becoming my favorite ebony dyke pornstar – I see her everywhere, and by her I mean that beautiful hefty anus of hers. I don’t know how they do it, but the dark sistas always have the greatest booties. Cocoa Damone is certainly in the phat rump category lesbian videos as well, and they make sure to… (more…)

Ginger and Wet Chocolate

You aren’t going to find any thug princesses here. In fact, Dazz and Moist Chocolate prefer the simple life over the thug life, especially when that life includes snacking on your girlfriend’s warm, moist cooche until she ejaculates all over your face. Their twats are already glistening with lesbian videos dew as they work their fingers in and out of… (more…)